Coach Stacey on the bike at Galveston 70.3.
Coach Stacey on the bike at Galveston 70.3.

Having spent the last 4 carving my niche in the sport of triathlon, I came to realize my passion is in helping others achieve their goals  As the CEO of our family, I manage three active and growing kids, who are 6, 8, and 10: a full coaching and training load.  My passion for helping others allows me to spend a few hours at my FAVORITE running gig North Wales Running!

My speciality is working with athletes that are new to the sport or looking to take on a new distance of challenge.  Having spent many years on the deck as a swim coach, I can work with you to help you strengthen your weakest link.  My experience in both the individual and group coaching atmosphere allow my to build you a schedule that is designed to meet your goals and needs.  I am well versed in the challenges that a beginner and seasoned triathlete faces and the tools needed to get to the start line healthy, happy and ready to race.

You can expect that I will engage with you on a regular basis and that your program will be designed to allow you to enjoy and succeed in our sport.  I believe that success lies not only in the swim, bike, run but also in the recovery and nutrition.  I am excited to help you achieve your goals.

As an athlete, my passion lies in long course racing.  When not on the race course, our family enjoys swimming, skiing and traveling.

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